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Welcome to the Office of Real Estate Development

Management of real estate acquisition for the University.   Directs physical planning and development for the UniversityCenter neighborhood.   Coordinates physical planning and development with campus institutions, neighbors and the City of Baltimore.

  • Maintains off-campus property information inventory listing.
  • Manages property acquisition and disposition.
  • Negotiates with developers and others concerning property
    development issues.
  • Interfaces with city, state and University System of Maryland
    offices on property development issues.
  • Provides property development planning services.
UniversityCenter Development

  • Coordinates environmental design and implementation program
    for the neighborhood.
  • Serves as as liaison with city and state agencies and private
    sector on planning, transportation and development matters
    relating to UniversityCenter.
  • Initiates UniversityCenterdevelopment strategies.
  • Manages marketing and public relations development
    of UniversityCenter.
  • Provides staff support for UniversityCenter Advisory Committee.
  • Acts as interface with University of Maryland Medical
    System concerning physical development issues.